Join our 2021 Finger Lakes area black walnut collection program.

Black Squirrel Farms collects and processes the wild black walnuts that grow on our New York State land and those of other area growers. We provide large burlap bags to growers willing to fill them with black walnuts and return them to 590 State Route 14, Penn Yan, NY or 1409 Curtis Co-op Rd. Sterling, NY 13156. We lend out a limited number of nut rollers. Collection program members can pick up burlap bags and nut rollers can be picked up at either site.

Our Fall 2021 program has kicked off! 

We are now accepting fresh black walnuts delivered to both sites. Our 2021 program member compensation rate for walnuts delivered is $10/100 lbs of raw walnuts.  Picking up a couple hundred pounds of walnuts per hour is straightforward with a nut roller and a thick layer of fresh walnuts. While there is a lot of variability from tree to tree, a fully loaded mature black walnut tree can easily shed well over 100 lbs of walnuts. Check out this video (nut rollers pick up old tennis balls and fresh black walnuts equally well):

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Our no-cost, no-obligation black walnut collection program is free to join. Joining ensures that you will receive email updates which include key additional program information.

 Click here to join our 2021 program

Do you have lots of black walnuts that you are unable collect yourself? We're working on finding a solution for sites like yours. Let us know of your potential interest in a solution once available by joining the program using the link above and you'll be notified when we have a program option that meets your needs.  

Many thanks to our 2019 and 2020 program members who collectively gathered over six tons of raw walnuts! We hope you will join us again in 2021; no need to re-register. Together, we'll make the most of our local, healthy, delicious wild crop.


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