What's the plan for your 2019 NY Finger Lakes area black walnuts?

Black Squirrel Farms will be collecting, processing and selling the wild black walnuts growing on our New York State land for the first time this fall.  Since we are pulling this capability together, there's no reason for us to stop with just our black walnuts; we are happy collect and process your greater Penn Yan / Geneva area black walnuts as well. Together, let's make sure that your 2019 black walnuts don't get go to waste.

We have large burlap bags which we will send for free to those willing to fill them with their 2019 black walnuts (green or brown hull included). This fall, we will swing by to collect the bags when full and pay a few dollars per bag (or, alternatively and later, ready-to-eat black walnuts...).  

Click the link below to sign up. We have a limited number of burlap bags, so sign up now to make sure you are included.


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