Want to join our 2020 Finger Lakes area black walnut collection program?

Black Squirrel Farms is busy collecting and processing the wild black walnuts that grow on our New York State land and we have joined with many area growers to make sure all of our 2019 black walnuts don't go to waste. Our 2019 collection program is closed to new joiners at this time but we will be running our black walnut collection program again in 2020. Want to join the 2020 program or talk to someone in our 2019 program?  Great, just follow the links to let us know.

We will provide large burlap bags to those willing to fill them with black walnuts and return them to our place at 590 State Route 14, Penn Yan, NY.  We will run a limited at-home walnut pickup service in 2020. We have a limited number of nut rollers to lend out to sites with more than one or two producing trees. We are happy to work individually with those considering gathering more than the equivalent of a few bags of black walnuts and wanting to consider a transportation solution other than burlap bags. We will pay for walnuts collected, 2020 prices to be announced, and we pay a little bit more if you drop them off your walnuts vs. us picking them up.

Many thanks to our 2019 program members! 2019 walnut collection remains ongoing. We hope you will join us again in 2020.

Register here for the 2020 program. 2019 members do not need to re-register.


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