Welcome to Black Squirrel Farms. We're focused on black walnuts.

Black walnuts are a native North American tree with a natural range throughout the eastern and midwestern states. We use this existing local resource which grows without needing chemical inputs to produce healthy, delicious food and useful household products. We believe that we can reset the positive relationship that used to exist between black walnut trees and people by demonstrating how black walnuts are useful for far more than lumber. Want to learn more? Read our blog post "In defense of the black walnut tree" or come take our onsite tour!


Join our collection program

Black Squirrel Farms and our affiliates collect and process the wild black walnuts that grow on our New York State land and those of other area growers. We provide large burlap bags to growers willing to fill them with black walnuts and return them to 590 State Route 14, Penn Yan, NY, 1409 Curtis Co-op Rd. Sterling, NY 13156. or 677 Castle Creek Rd, Binghamton, NYWe lend out a limited number of nut rollers. Collection program members can pick up burlap bags and nut rollers can be picked up at either site in advance of and during black walnut collection season and are paid for raw black walnuts delivered. Our 2022 season is now open. Are you a regional black walnut grower at any scale considering gathering your walnuts?



Our no-cost, no-obligation black walnut collection program is free to join and our program is growing. Even if the program isn't a good fit now, it might be an option for later. We encourage those potentially interested in collecting their black walnuts to join and we also encourage you to join if you have lots of black walnuts but are unable collect them, if you are interested to gather someone else's walnuts with their permission, if you would be interested in organizing a black walnut collection event as a fundraiser or if you just want to keep up to date with what we are doing. Joining ensures that you will receive email updates which include key program information and news.


Many thanks to our program members who have collectively gathered over thirteen tons of raw walnuts since our program first kicked off in 2019.

Together, we'll make the most of our local, healthy, delicious wild crop.

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