Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Will you cut down and remove a black walnut tree that I don't want?

That's not really our thing. We're trying to help people get more value out of living trees.


Do you make black walnut syrup (like maple syrup, but from black walnut trees)?

We love the idea but we don't do it ourselves. Most of our walnuts come from the black walnut collection program that we manage and so we don't own most of our trees. People who own hundreds of black walnut trees that all grow close to one another would be in a better position than us to give that a try.


Do you collect anything besides black walnuts?

Not right now. Something we are considering trying in 2023 is collecting immature black walnuts in addition to mature black walnuts. An Italian liquor called nocino can be made using immature black walnuts.




What is the collection program?

- Our no-cost no-obligation collection program is helping reduce the waste of wild NYS black walnuts. At our location or any of our affiliate locations, you can drop off collected black walnuts which will then be hulled and processed. Our drop off areas are open 24/7 for your convenience and no appointment is needed. Just show up!


Where can I pick up burlap bags/nut rollers?

- While collection season is open, at any of our locations there is a pick-up / drop-off area where you will find all of the supplies you need. We ask you to sign out nut rollers only by scanning the QR code provided inside the tent. There is no need to sign out burlap bags.


How do I drop off walnuts?

- Once you arrive on site you can unload your walnuts into the tent. We ask that you label each individual bag by placing a note card with your name on it inside a plastic bag and then place it inside each bag you have. You have the choice whether you want to weigh them yourself or we will weight them in. The weight will then be recorded into our database. This step is very important because if we do not know who they came from we are unable to send payment. 


What walnuts do you want?

- We only accept walnuts that fell during the current season and are in good condition. Good condition means a complete hull that hasn't turned fully black at the time of drop-off. We reserve the right to not count drop-offs that we can't process towards program member season totals.


How does payment work?

The collection program length is one season. After the close of the season, program members will receive $10 dollars per 100 lbs of raw black walnuts contributed to the program. Good condition means a complete hull that hasn't turned fully black at the time of drop-off and we reserve the right to not could drop-offs that we can't process towards season totals. Checks will be sent out with a week or two of the season officially closing. Closing of the season varies every year but most members can expect their checks to come in the mail around Thanksgiving time or shortly after. Program members have the option to choose shelled black walnuts instead of a check at a rate of 1 bag / 75 lbs raw black walnuts.


Why is the payout rate low?

Raw walnuts are mostly made up of water. Nearly 60% of raw walnuts weight will be lost immediately after hulling and the walnuts will continue to lose weight as they dry and cure before cracking. 100 lbs. of raw walnuts will end up producing around 3-4 lbs. of kernels.